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Our Mission

Enrupt solutions provides business management consultancy services that assist business owners through digital transformation, using best practice change management techniques, to ensure their clients improve their bottom line (ROI)

Our Values

Our Experience

With twenty years of experience, we have designed and implemented business solutions for financial management, human resources, training and e-commerce for the  international banking, hospitality, shipping, transportation, food service and education industries.  We have led the development and implementation of business solutions for leading Canadian corporations. Our consultants have designed curricula and instructed courses in the areas of networking technologies, application software, and IT project management. We are well equipped with skills such as conflict resolution, project management, change management, from planning through to implementation.

We look forward to working with you.


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  • Honest and Trustworthy

  • Reliable and dependable

  • Do what’s right, not what’s easy

  • Respect others

  • People are our most valuable connections

  • Be courageous and tenacious to solve problems

  • Be understanding and empathetic

  • Pluralistic approach to team collaboration

Solution Oriented

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  • Listen closely and carefully

  • Seek to understand and innovate with practical solutions

  • Be curious and constructively question

  • Be real. Rely on facts and data

  • Clear communication. Keep it simple


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  • Think outside the box

  • Open minded, open to change

  • Challenge the norm

  • Embrace creativity

  • Thoroughly test new methodology


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  • Persistent and relentless for consistent results

  • Deliver top-tier, best practice solutions

  • Team players that value pluralistic skill sets

  • Socially responsible

  • Two % of revenue is donated to charities to which at least 95 % of the cost goes to the cause: Poverty elimination: local and/or globally certified charities.

  • Local certified charities: for example, Health Care and Education

  • Strong local, certified, not-for-profit civil society organizations for causes such as environmental preservation or animal welfare and protection.

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