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  • Moez Janmohamed

"Increasingly, I believe, the voices of Civil Society are voices for change, where change has been overdue. They have been voices of hope for people living in fear. They are voices that can help transform countries of crisis into countries of opportunity. There are too many societies where too many people live in a culture of fear, condemned to a life of poverty. Addressing that fear, and replacing it with hope, will be a major step to the elimination of poverty.

And often the call for hope to replace fear will come from the voices of Civil Society."

The Aga Khan's Address to Parliament of Canada, Ottawa, Canada

February 2014

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  • Moez Janmohamed

"An active Civil Society can open the door for an enormous variety of energies and talents from a broad spectrum of organisations and individuals. It means opening the way for diversity. It means welcoming plurality. I believe that Canada is uniquely able to articulate and exemplify three critical underpinnings of a quality Civil Society — a commitment to pluralism, to meritocracy, and to a cosmopolitan ethic."

H. H. the Aga Khan, Address to both Houses of the Parliament of Canada,

Ottawa, February 2014

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  • Moez Janmohamed

"What is required goes beyond mere tolerance or sympathy or sensitivity - emotions which can often be willed into existence by a generous soul. True cultural sensitivity is something far more rigorous, and even more intellectual than that. It implies a readiness to study and to learn across cultural barriers, an ability to see others as they see themselves."

H.H. the Aga Khan, Meeting of the International Baccalaureate

Atlanta, USA, April 2008

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