A company wide web content management system (CMS) keeps us on the same page

If you want to disseminate information across a company and with external affiliates, do you email blast it out to everyone? Instead of a paper shuffle or email blast, a well implemented web content management system (CMS) will ensure that information is disseminated in an organized and consistent fashion. There are five critical success factors required to implement a CMS that delivers results - the five “C”s formula: collaborate to create and control consistent communications:

  • collaboration and coordination: a project plan that addresses business needs and issues across the organization, and prioritizes them to articulate a strategy and construct a road map built through consensus amongst stakeholders.

  • creation: a database and program design that brings enabling technologies, such as search indexing and content optimization, to the organization that are user friendly and help CMS users with changes at the operational level.

  • control: secured product ownership and established levels of access to ensure that the system evolves with the organization

  • consistency in delivering message content by adhering to standard policy and procedures that are sensitive to organizational culture

  • communications: fresh and relevant content that is posted by many departments is important, as it establishes the Intranet and Web Portal as the  primary medium of communication throughout the organization.